Anonymously (or not) tell me about your crush!

Anonymously (or not) tell me about your crush!


Comic update- blake does not and cannot redeem himself this time-

this particular update goes out to Jake- if you’re listening, this is everything I ever wanted to say last year..!

Thankyou SO much for your support and for reading if you fo. This is the second to last update- so in this case I ask that you reblog and support as much as you can (if you want) -thank you for everything :) xxxx

A message from thelaughingninja

#17 to get the ball rolling hahah :D

I wasn’t sure if it meant meal in general like breakfast/lunch/dinner or specifics but here you gooo

A message from icosahedrone

7!!! :DDDDD



Send me a number and I’ll draw;

  1. A portrait of myself
  2. Myself in an alternate universe
  3. Myself as a child
  4. Myself in 10 years
  5. A comic of my day so far
  6. A portrait of you
  7. A picture of both of us
  8. My favourite character
  9. My least favourite character
  10. My favourite animal
  11. My favourite pokemon
  12. Flowers!
  13. My dream home
  14. My dream cake
  15. My dream car
  16. My dream partner
  17. My favourite meal
  18. What I usually wear
  19. What I would love to wear
  20. What I have in my bag




Haute Couture alphabet: Elie Saab s/s 2014

I’m back! Hello I will be drawing again soon